Your home on Mars.

Mars Colony X is a metaverse project which connects reality with imagination in new and exciting ways.

Our awesome features

Our mission is to establish Mars settlements.

We will continually model settlements with increasing fidelity in the metaverse until we are there.

Style and Comfort

Habitats are built from landed Starships with each habitat having 8 private bedroom gallery suites plus common areas for the crew.

Communication Network

All settlers have access to an internal network which facilitates communications and the sharing of real/virtual telepresence assets.


The Martian federation uses a currency based upon tonnage delivered to the surface of Mars known as an MTON

Bioregenerative Life Support

Each settler requires at least 40 square meters of illuminated crops to survive. The habitat uses a combination of food crops and algae-based CO2 scrubbers in its life support system.

Starship Captain - Alpha Release

Our first release of Mars Colony X metaMars are for people who want in on the ground floor and ready to grow our population to 1,000,000 settlers.

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Our awesome features

A Metaverse Mars Settlement

When fully configured, each settlement can house an interconnected population of 80 to 120 people.

Extreme Greenhouse Habitat

Self-sufficient and sustainable means maintaining bioregenerative life support.

Virtual-In-Virtual Reality

Explore your parcel of Mars using advanced telepresence devices and vehicles.

Personal Space

Each habitat has 8 private gallery suites that live on the blockchain. individuals can buy, sell, rent or trade these suites. Display your NFT art collection on Mars!

Schrodingers Cargo Hold

Your Starship can carry 100 tons of cargo to the surface of Mars. There are 10 ships in your colony. What will you all bring?

Our awesome features

Land in The Mars Metaverse

Land parcels are mapped using real image and terrain data from Nasa/JPL/UofArizona.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Community decisions for each parcel are facilitated by a DAO.

Maps and Terrain

Maps and data from NASA, JPL and the University of Arizona are used to create a life-sized VR space where the colony exists.

Develop Settlements. Earn prizes.

Compete against other settlements to develop and prosper and win prizes.

U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act

Claims made on Martian land are in accordance with current Space Law. By mining content, settlement will strengthen their claims in the future.

Our awesome features

Martian Patent Office

Create, share, sell...The builders marketplace for the Mars metaverse.

A Marketplace

Invent and build stuff for your fellow settlers and earn $MTON. Submit relevant scientific papers and earn MTON from the community.

Circular Economy

One persons trash is another ones treasure. Use the Patent office to trade outputs and simulate Martian economy.

Continuous Development

To meet our mission objectives, new features and models will be added -- all using blockchain technology.

Challenge Grants

Citizens of Mars Colony X can share in prize pots for various government and non-governmental contests.

Our awesome features


MTON is used for community exchange.


MTON stands for Mars Ton which is the coin of the realm. The amount of token in the system is directly related to tons delivered to the surface of Mars.

Fair Launch

MTON is mined, earned, owned, and governed by the entire community. There is no early access to the token or private allocations before it is made public.

Supply of MTON

Each Starship is capable of delivering 100 tons of cargo in addition to itself (100 tons), so the supply will be determined by how many ships in this metaverse make it to the surface of Mars.

Write-to-Earn Content Mining

50% of MTON will be awarded to content creators and 50% will be awarded as rewards for competitions.

Designed for Human Needs

Mars Colony X is the brain-child of JB Wagoner and a talented team of engineers, architects and designers motivated to create sustainable structures and systems which fulfill human needs. 20% of all proceeds go to support programs which increase the supply of locally-grown food in urban food deserts.

Starship Captain NFTs

Learn more and support the project. Investing in a prelaunch NFT earns you voting rights in the DAO.

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